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Song details
Lyricists:Teri Wachowiak
Composers:Teri Wachowiak
Performers:Teri Wachowiak
Recorded at:Quinze Filk Festival, Ipswich, UK February 2003


Lyrics and music ©2002 Teri Wachowiak

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Uploaded on Tuesday 27 January 2004 at 8:39 PM by gk
This song has been downloaded 217 times so far in total.

File size is 1193 Kb


cprout at Sunday 2 July 2006 8:09 AM:

"Just download the file, then rename it with the end tage being something like this... dididoitright.mp3 Somone screwed up there post of the mp3 or something so it does not have the right tag. But its a good file once converted to mp3."

runciblespoon at Friday 17 March 2006 6:55 AM:

"Ummm. . . . Is something wrong? All I get is a string of gibberish that wants to be a "doc" file when I try to download the song."

Teri945 at Tuesday 8 February 2005 3:19 AM:

"argh..wrong song! Whoops...thing Elfhelm....lord of rings...grrrr."

Teri945 at Tuesday 8 February 2005 3:17 AM:

"he he was inspired by EarthSea book two....just another layer of 'stuff'.grin."

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