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Cylon Hymn

(Scar's Hymn)

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Song details
Lyricists:Ariel Cinii
Composers:Ariel Cinii
Performers:Ariel Cinii, Marc S. Glasser, Kathy Sands et al
Inspiration:The episode "SCAR" from Battlestar Galactica
Recorded at:Lunacon 2007 Saturday filk concert
Notes:The original melody "Ha Mossdy'a Na" means "The Touch of Early Morning" (lyrics were in another language) and originated on Gka'e Sahret'the, a planet of my past-life recall (circa 5000 BCE (Terran)). Just imagine hearing this at the start of a school da


Lyrics and music ©2006 Ariel Cinii

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Uploaded on Monday 30 July 2007 at 2:37 PM by Arielcinii
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KateGladstone at Sunday 14 February 2010 3:03 PM:

"Do you have a dictionary/grammar of the language of Gka'e Sahret'the? Maybe on your web-site somewhere? It might interest others, if you put one up ..."

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