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Walk Wary of the Paladin

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Song details
Lyricists:Catherine Faber
Composers:Catherine Faber
Performers:Catherine Faber
Inspiration:Roleplaying a thief in an RPG, and found the leader of the group was a paladin. . . .
Recorded at:CONduit 1, 1991, Salt Lake City, Utah
Notes:Uploaded by permission from Cat Faber. See for info on her CDs. Recorded live at CONduit 1, from the OOP tape "A Breeze Through the CONduit."


Lyrics and music ©1991 Catherine Faber

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Uploaded on Monday 19 March 2007 at 9:53 PM by runciblespoon
This song has been downloaded 164 times so far in total.

File size is 1652 Kb


runciblespoon at Thursday 22 January 2009 12:35 PM:

"There should be clapping at the end. If your copy doesn't have that, you might want to try downloading it again."

mrkerochan at Monday 19 January 2009 9:12 PM:

"File seems to cut off before song "should" be done. "

KaTAdams at Thursday 4 December 2008 7:37 PM:

"I love the last two lines here XD I always enjoy playing a character who says one thing and is another."

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