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Close Your Eyes

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Song details
Lyricists:Daniel Glasser
Composers:Daniel Glasser
Performers:Dandelion Wine (Tom Jeffers/Dave Clement) , with special permission from Daniel Glasser
Notes:This is a song we heard Daniel Glasser do at WorldCon in Toronto and we just had to learn it."Close Your Eyes" was performed at The Bhigg House, Winnipeg, Canada on Haloween 2003 and features Dave on 6 string and vocals and me on 12 string tuned in DADGAD


Lyrics and music ©2002 Daniel Glasser

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Uploaded on Monday 19 January 2004 at 5:02 PM by sexybass
This song has been downloaded 463 times so far in total.

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hms42 at Friday 31 October 2008 7:09 PM:

"Pegasus Winner 2008 - Best Comedy Song"

Kajikit at Wednesday 25 April 2007 6:21 PM:

"Marvellous song - one of my favourites in the archive :) "

m_mcdole at Thursday 5 January 2006 6:54 AM:

"Listining to this song has scared me for life! Good job!!"

BluesScale at Thursday 19 August 2004 12:41 AM:

"You people are warped and twisted. I am proud of you and think that we may be related."

Teri945 at Wednesday 28 January 2004 1:24 AM:

" I'm 5 years old again! Wonderful PTSD moment! Good job!"

kyttn at Monday 19 January 2004 10:16 PM:

"*grin* I love this song when Daniel sings it already, but Dave's voice is perfect for any lullabye!"

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