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Mornington Crescent

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Song details
Lyricists:Batya Wittenberg
Composers:Talis Kimberley
Performers:Seanan McGuire and Rika Koerte
Recorded at:Quinze Filk Festival, Ipswich, UK February 2003


Lyrics ©2002 Batya Wittenberg
Music ©2002 Talis Kimberley

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Uploaded on Wednesday 7 January 2004 at 8:27 PM by gk
This song has been downloaded 372 times so far in total.

File size is 1592 Kb


trdsf at Sunday 31 October 2010 5:21 PM:

"Absolutely wonderful! And a well played game, at that! ;)"

Naraht at Sunday 29 April 2007 11:49 AM:

"Just brilliant! The music would be wonderful to listen to even if the lyrics weren't so great..."

mr blue at Thursday 17 November 2005 9:36 PM:

"It's a nonsense game on a BBC radio quiz show called "I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue". This show has been running since the early 70s at least and no-one yet has fathomed how the game works. At regular intervals the 'rules' are changed or it is announced they will play an obscure variation involving 'blocking' or 'boxing' for no apparent reason. Rest assured it's completely hilarious!"

Kvetch at Sunday 28 March 2004 9:41 PM:

"Great song, but what pecisely is it refering too? (I know it's tube stations, but the game reference...)"

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