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Great-Grandfather's Pet

(Star Beast)

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Song details
Lyricists:Kate Gladstone
Composers:Henry Clay Work "My Grandfather's Clock"
Performers:Kate Gladstone
Inspiration:Robert Heinlein's book THE STAR BEAST
Recorded at:home
Notes:SEE "View Lyrics" for verses 2 & 3: the file sings only verse 1.


Lyrics ©2004 Kate Gladstone
Music ©1875 Henry Clay Work "My Grandfather's Clock"

Download details

Uploaded on Monday 21 August 2006 at 7:24 PM by KateGladstone
This song has been downloaded 86 times so far in total.

File size is 703 Kb


KateGladstone at Tuesday 4 March 2008 7:11 AM:

"And .... by the way ... you certainly did not at all offend me."

KateGladstone at Tuesday 4 March 2008 7:10 AM:

"Sure, go right ahead and write additional lyrics as long as you post your expanded version (lyrics and MP3 too) here for download ... and send me a copy, too, via e-mail ( I wrote GREAT-GRANDFATHER'S PET for a variety of ages ... though, in this song, I did NOT intend the final verse of my lyrics for the youngest listeners!"

astrael at Tuesday 19 February 2008 11:45 AM:

"Oh, one other thing, I didn't mean to offend you when I mentioned it needed more lyrics. I just thought there may be some floating around on the net somewhere. Or that maybe this was an incomplete song or something. I'm sorry if I offended you in anyway. I do like your music."

astrael at Tuesday 19 February 2008 11:43 AM:

"I would like to give it a try if you don't mind? I do like the song though. It's the kind I'd like to sing to my grandson. lol. He'd like it too. Is this primarily a childrens song? "

KateGladstone at Monday 18 February 2008 9:36 PM:

"Well, Astrael ... if GREAT-GRANDFATHER'S PET needs more lyrics, I invite you to write them!"

astrael at Monday 18 February 2008 9:00 AM:

"Cute song but there is some distortion, otherwise cute. Needs more lyrics though. "

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