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Song details
Lyricists:Julia West and the Salt Lake Minicon Filk Group
Composers:To the tune of "My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean"
Performers:Julia West
Inspiration:Filking silliness
Recorded at:CONduit 1 in Salt Lake City, Utah, 1991
Notes:The germ of this song began during a filksing at a minicon in Salt Lake City. I wrote the rest of it a few years later. From "A Breeze Through the CONduit," songs taped at CONduit 1 in Salt Lake City, 1991. "Mutants" is a favorite sing-along at Salt Lake


Lyrics ©1980 Julia West and the Salt Lake Minicon Filk Group
Music ©trad To the tune of "My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean"

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Uploaded on Sunday 30 April 2006 at 2:44 PM by runciblespoon
This song has been downloaded 132 times so far in total.

File size is 1842 Kb


runciblespoon at Saturday 10 March 2007 11:04 AM:

"Wow, thanks, Bill. I've had to develop the a capella voice, since until recently I didn't play guitar (and still don't much--and not for recordings!) Also, since I have one of the strongest voices in our local group, I end up "leading" most of the songs, so I need to keep on key. I appreciate your comments (and I'm glad you like the song). Julia"

BillMills at Friday 9 March 2007 10:40 PM:

"This is a delightful little ditty! Easy to see why it's a sing-a-long favorite. Sweet accapella recording. Beautifully performed, lovely voice, dead on true pitch throughout (a rarity for an accapella performance!). Thank you for posting and sharing this.
Bill Mills"

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