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Song details
Lyricists:Brenda Sutton
Composers:Brenda Sutton
Performers:Brenda Sutton , Tim Walker , Chris Conway
Notes:Recorded live at the Quinze Filk Festival, Ipswich, UK, February 2003


Download details

Uploaded on Tuesday 16 December 2003 at 7:49 PM by gk
This song has been downloaded 220 times so far in total.

File size is 2630 Kb


gk at Sunday 30 April 2006 9:53 PM:

"Now we've got the ability to store lyrics on FilkArchive, I'll see if I can get Brenda to put them up."

runciblespoon at Sunday 30 April 2006 3:00 PM:

"I'd love to get the words to "Threshold.""

runciblespoon at Sunday 16 April 2006 2:24 PM:

"Wow. Wish I'd been there. This is amazing. (Kinda reminds me of when you did "In a Gown Too Blue" at CONduit--you kept saying it wouldn't be as good without all the "special effects," but it was stunning.)"

sexybass at Sunday 11 January 2004 4:47 PM:

"Wow, I was so very impressed with the song and the prformance. I am so glad GK cpatured the moment so I for one could enjoy it. This is treully a fantastic site and idea. Dave and I hope to put up a few new exciting unheard things as well. Hugs, Tom"

bardling at Tuesday 23 December 2003 3:10 PM:

"Wow, yes - I remember this as having been stunning at the time, and I'm also very glad that it got "caught". Still think it's stunning now..."

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