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30 Million on Miranda
(Thirty Million on Miranda)
Batya WittenbergBatya WittenbergKathy Mar
A Teaching Ballad
(The Ballad of Threadfall)
Juliana McCorison, lead vocal, Jude Pelley, harmony vocal, guitars, Douglas McCorison, accoustic bass, Adam Iredale-Gray, fiddle, Molly Raher-Newman, percussion, Jake Galbraith, UkeJuliana McCorison Juliana McCorison Arrangement of Trad Tune
Ballad of Chicken Little
(The Arching Sky is Falling)
Kate GladstoneKate GladstoneTraditional: "King Henry"
Captain Bucher's "Confession"
(The PUEBLO "Paean")
Kate GladstoneKate Gladstonetrad.USA"On Top of Old Smoky/Sweet Betsy from Pike
Close Your Eyes
(The Demon Lullaby)
Daniel GlasserDaniel GlasserDaniel Glasser
Edge Of Hypoglycemic Reaction
(Tribute To Rodney McKay)
(The Call Of Winter Yet Unknown)
Froggy Went A Courtin'
(The Trouble With Interspecies Relationships)
John R. Gray IIIfirst three verses, Traditional, the rest of the lyrics, John R. Gray IIITraditional, arrangement, John R. Gray III
Magic, Incorporated
(The Devil Makes the Laws)
Kate GladstoneKate GladstoneLeslie Fish (used w/permission)—"Banned from Argo"
Powders And Signs
(The Witch Girl)
Phil MillsPhil MillsPhil Mills
Spiral Dance
(The Song that Weaves the Generations Through)
Kathy Mar, Kristoph Klover & Kathleen SloanAnne PratherAnne Prather
Spiral Dance
(The Song That Weaves the Generations Through)
Dr. Anne PratherDr. Anne PratherDr. Anne Prather
Still Beautiful
(To Fynn)
Take It Back Kathleen SloanKathleen SloanKathleen Sloan
Tamlyn The BardJoe Bethancourt, Nichelle Scott, Michi Furier, Vash, Catherine Rustenbeck, BrianW.J. Bethancourt IIITraditional Irish Fiddle Tune
Tapestry, 'Broidery, Ribbon and LaceCatherine FaberCatherine FaberCatherine Faber
Termite Song
(Under My Couch, I Found Wings)
Kate GladstoneKate GladstoneCat Faber
Terra NovaRafael Van Daele-Hunt (lead vocals), Eva Van Daele-Hunt (piano, harmonies, recorders)Eva Van Daele-HuntEva Van Daele-Hunt
That Great Big Way Out ThereJoe BethancourtW.J. Bethancourt IIIW.J. Bethancourt III
That QuadeCatherine FaberCatherine FaberCatherine Faber
The "Burn HARRY POTTER" Battalion
(We're Going to Burn HARRY POTTER)
Kate GladstoneKate GladstoneTraditional: "The Song of the Temperance Union"
The Ardrana Song
(I Went to a Magical Planet)
Tyler ZahnkeTyler ZahnkeTyler Zahnke
The Ballad of Pog o'Mahon
(How Pog o'Mahon was named)
George Carmichael(Known in the SCA as Lord Andrew George Carmichael(Known in the SCA as Lord Andrew Ludwig van Beethoven's "Ode to Joy"
The Ballad of Selina Rosen
(The Poor Convention Party-er)
Dene FoyeDene FoyeTTTO "Poor Wayfaring Stranger" traditional
The Big OneTom JeffersTom JeffersTom Jeffers
The Black DeathSeanan McGuire - Vocals, Michelle Dockrey, Amy McNallySeanan McGuireSeanan McGuire
The Black Vest SongAriel CiniiI Abra CiniiTodd Menton. Publishing info Klarn Music
The Boy In The RoomChris MalmeChris MalmeChris Malme
The Bricklayer's ThreesKate GladstoneKate GladstoneLeslie Fish (used with permission)
The ChosenTeri WachowiakTeri WachowiakTeri Wachowiak
The Clockwork BeastCharlene Mac KayCharlene Mac KayCharlene Mac Kay
The CollarsEscape KeyMichelle DockreyMichelle Dockrey
The Dawn Wind
(Fifteenth Century)
Kate GladstoneRudyard KiplingKate Gladstone
The Day We Learned to Write
(The Doctors' Handwriting Song)
Kate GladstoneKate GladstoneLeslie Fish (tune used with permission)
The DerelictKate GladstoneRudyard KiplingKate Gladstone
The Devil In The Dark - A Star Trek Song
(My Name is Horta)
Brandon ShortBrandon ShortBrandon Short
The Donil LamentAnn CummingsAnn CummingsAnn Cummings
The Dragon and the MaidenKaren Linsley, Tom Jeffers, Peggi Warner-Lalonde, Phil MillsKaren LinsleyKaren Linsley
The DryadDene Foye, SundaraTeresa MeckleyBerdene C. Foye
The Dutch in the MedwayKate GladstoneRudyard KiplingKate Gladstone
The Evil Teacher Song
(To Punish the Pedagogue's Crime)
Kate GladstoneKate GladstoneGilbert & Sullivan ("My Object All Sublime")
The Face on MarsDandelion Wine (Tom Jeffers/Dave Clement) featurinTom JeffersDave Clement
The FairiesTim Walters: dulcimer, voice, bass guitar, percussWilliam AllinghamTim Walters
The Four Angels
(Earth and Water, Air and Fire)
Kate GladstoneRudyard KiplingKate Gladstone
The Fufumal
("Little Rabbit Foo-Foo" ... Viking Style!)
Kate GladstoneKate GladstoneKate Gladstone
The Giant Squid Has NotBrooke Lunderville, John CaspellBrooke LundervilleBrooke Lunderville
The Gift I Would GiveDave Weingart: 12-string guitar, vocals, bassDave WeingartDave Weingart
The Girl That's Never BeenEscape KeyMichelle DockreyMichelle Dockrey
The Hand of God (instrumental mix)Julia Ecklar/et al; produced by Michael Moriczn/aJulia Ecklar
The Hands of the KingTeri WachowiakTeri WachowiakTeri Wachowiak
The Heart of the MountainPhil MillsPhil MillsPhil Mills
The Hero Named MacGyverKate GladstoneRich Brown (verse 1), Kate GladstoneTraditional: "The Holly and the Ivy"
The Jurassic Park Song CycleJoe BethancourtJoe BethancourtJoe Bethancourt
The Kid and the Dog are with MeTom Jeffers, Sue Jeffers, www.stonedragons.caNorma McPhee, Sue JeffersTom Jeffers
The Last Safe HoldingMarc Grossman and who ever was reading over my shoMarc GrossmanPaul Simon
The Lesser HalfKerstin Droege - Voice & Guitar , Simon Fairbourn - Oboe , Mich Sampson - PianoSimon FairbournKerstin Droege
The Livejournal Shanty
(LJ Shanty)
Michelle Dockrey, Tony Fabris (Guitar)Brooke LundervilleBrooke Lunderville
The MistressRyktan Dannurwen aka Lilla BertalanRyktan Dannurwen aka Lilla BertalanRyktan Dannurwen aka Lilla Bertalan
The Moon is MineEscape KeyMichelle DockreyMichelle Dockrey
The OutlawsKate GladstoneRudyard KiplingSamuel Augustus Ward
The PookaTeri WachowiakBarbara BowenTeri Wachowiak
The ProphecyCatherine FaberCatherine FaberCatherine Faber
The Rambling Wrecks of Scudder Tech
(I'm a Ramblin' Wreck from Scudder Tech)
Kate GladstoneKate Gladstone, Jamie Hart, Kris OverstreetTraditional — "Rambling Wreck from Georgia Tech"
The Rest of ForeverEloise MasonTerence ChuaTerence Chua
The RiverDave Weingart and Orion's BeltDave WeingartDave Weingart
The Sea-ManRhonwen y Llysieuyddes (Julia West)Rhonwen y Llysieuyddes (Julia Howarth West)To the tune of "Christ Child Lullaby" by, Ranald Rankin, c. 1855
The Sing-Song of Old Man KangarooKate GladstoneRudyard KiplingKate Gladstone
The SmithTim GriffinTim GriffinTim Griffin
The Song of the CurlewCatherine FaberCatherine FaberTTTO "Bridget O'Malley" (Traditional Irish)
The Sons of MarthaKate GladstoneRudyard KiplingTraditional: "Finnegan's Wake"
The Squirrels Are Taking OverAllison Durno, Jodi Krangle, Debbie Ridpath OhiDebbie Ridpath OhiDebbie Ridpath Ohi
The Squirrels Rule on MarsMarc GrossmanMarc GrossmanMistie Joyce (who I thank very much for permission
The Swamp's Air-Breathing Daughter
Kate GladstoneKate GladstoneLeslie Fish (used w/permission) — "The Earth's Fir
The Time Traveler's DaughterPaul Kwinn, Taunya Gren, Alisa Garcia, Luis GarciaBob KanefskyDebbie Ridpath Ohi
The Trouble For TribblesJohn R. Gray IIIJohn R. Gray IIIJohn R. Gray III
The True Fan GirlKarl-Johan NorénKarl-Johan NorénJoe Hill
The TurningRichard Glover, vocals, Stephanie Weippert, keyboards, John R. Gray III, bass, Deb Radziewicz, percussionRichard GloverRichard Glover
The VampireKate GladstoneRudyard KiplingKate Gladstone
The Way through the Woods
(The Road through the Woods)
Kate GladstoneRudyard KiplingKate Gladstone
The Wet Side of the MoonRoberta RogowThe Denbian Slime Devils, Ariel Cinii, Roberta Rogow, Amy Fass, Mark Mandel, et al.Trad (To the tune of: The Water is Wide)
The World is So Full of WonderTheLoneGunmanTheLoneGunmanTheLoneGunman
The Wreck of the Crash of the Easthill Mining DisasterBrooke Lunderville, John CaspellBrooke LundervilleBrooke Lunderville
These Are Not The Droids You're Looking ForBrandon ShortThe Kobiyashi Maru BandBrandon Short
Thieves' Guild SongRyktan Dannurwen aka Lilla BertalanRyktan Dannurwen aka Lilla BertalanRyktan Dannurwen aka Lilla Bertalan
ThreshholdBrenda Sutton , Tim Walker , Chris ConwayBrenda SuttonBrenda Sutton
Time TravellerPhil MillsPhil MillsPhil Mills
Tonight, I Sleep AloneRichard Glover, Stephanie Weippert, John R. Gray III, Brier Rose, Becca SonsRichard GloverRichard Glover
Totalitarian School SongRyktan Dannurwen aka Lilla BertalanRyktan Dannurwen aka Lilla BertalanRyktan Dannurwen aka Lilla Bertalan
Touch the SkyGary McGathGary McGathGary McGath
Tree and DragonDave Weingart - vocals, rhythm guitar, Scott Snyder - lead guitarDave WeingartDave Weingart
Tribble GumboLarry WarnerBob KanefskyLarry Warner
Triple Crit My HeartThe Watchtower SocietyAmanda Kelly, Trent UrnessTrent Urness
Triple Crit my HeartTrent Urness, Amanda Kelly, And FriendsTrent Urness, Amanda KellyTrent Urness, Amanda Kelly
TroutPhil MillsPhil MillsPhil Mills
True BlueDannurwenDannurwenDannurwen
Catherine FaberCatherine FaberCatherine Faber
TruthMike Richards - vocals and harpMike RichardsMike Richards
Twa CorbiesJustin EilerTrad. Variant of Child Ballad #26Trad.
Yankee Doodle Squares
(The Difference of Perfect Squares)
Kate GladstoneKate GladstoneTraditional: "Yankee Doodle"

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