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A Counting-Out Song
(Secret Origins of Eenie, Meenie, Mainee, and Mo (KG's title for this))
Kate GladstoneRudyard KiplingKate Gladstone
Careless Steps
(Song of Murphy's Law)
Kate GladstoneKate Gladstone, Andrew HaberLeslie Fish (used w/permission) — "Toast for Unkno
Cylon Hymn
(Scar's Hymn)
Ariel Cinii, Marc S. Glasser, Kathy Sands et alAriel CiniiAriel Cinii
Great-Grandfather's Pet
(Star Beast)
Kate GladstoneKate GladstoneHenry Clay Work — "My Grandfather's Clock"
Same Story, Different WarTeri WachowiakTeri WachowiakTeri Wachowiak
Sanity TimeCatherine FaberCatherine FaberCatherine Faber
Schoolteacher's Ballad
(I Am A Teacher / Schoolteacher's Lament)
Kate GladstoneKate Gladstonetraditional ("Nancy Whiskey/Calton Weaver")
Sci-Fi/FantasyDene FoyeDene FoyeGilbert Bécaud
Seal LullabyKate GladstoneRudyard KiplingKate Gladstone
Secondhand SongsJonathan TurnerJonathan TurnerJonathan Turner
SednaHeather Dale, Ben DeschampsHeather DaleHeather Dale
ShadowbeastEscape KeyMichelle DockreyMichelle Dockrey
ShadowfilkPhilip Allcock, Mike Whitaker, Neil ChambersPhilip AllcockMike Whitaker
ShapeshifterCharlene Mac KayCharlene Mac KayCharlene Mac Kay
She Stole My HeartRyktan Dannurwen aka Lilla BertalanRyktan Dannurwen aka Lilla BertalanRyktan Dannurwen aka Lilla Bertalan
Shepherd MoonSue Jeffers, Tom JeffersSue JeffersSue and Tom Jeffers
Ships to the StarsMichael WoodheadMichael WoodheadMichael Woodhead
SholemDivine Strumpet:, Talis Kimberley, Mich Sampson, Rachel Shurmer, Marilisa ValtazanouChassidic Shabbat song adapted by Adrienne CooperTraditional, arrangement by Mich Sampson
Shrink Wrap BluesGary McGath, J. S. Love, L. Mangan, V. TaylorGary McGathGary McGath
Sing With MeAllison Durno, Jodi Krangle, Debbie Ridpath OhiDebbie Ridpath Ohi, Dave ClementDebbie Ridpath Ohi
Sister's SongPhilip Allcock, Valerie Housden, Mike Whitaker, Anne RundlePhilip AllcockPhilip Allcock
SkalishgeBORGt (Sabine & Michael Kinder, Sandra Möller, J, Lead vocals: Aryana, Background vocals: Michael, Sabine, Jan, Guitar: Sandra, Percussion: Simone Möller (guest)AryanaAryana
Skill at WitCatherine FaberCatherine FaberCatherine Faber
SkinTaunya Gren, Paul Kwinn, Alisa Garcia, Luis GarciaTaunya GrenTaunya Gren, Paul Kwinn
Slit Ya WristRyktan Dannurwen aka Lilla BertalanRyktan Dannurwen aka Lilla BertalanRyktan Dannurwen aka Lilla Bertalan
Small DesignsW. Randy Hoffman, Brooke Lunderville on BanjolaBarry Childs-HeltonBarry Childs-Helton
Smaug's LamentPhil MillsPhil MillsPhil Mills
SnakeRyktan Dannurwen aka Lilla BertalanRyktan Dannurwen aka Lilla BertalanRyktan Dannurwen aka Lilla Bertalan
Snow SceneKaty Droege (lead voc, guitar), Ju Honisch (low whistle)Naomi Gayle RivkisKaty Droege
Solar FlareDandelion Wine with Andy Anda on fiddleSam BaardmanSam Baardman
Soldier, SoldierKate GladstoneRudyard KiplingKate Gladstone
Some ParentsSundara - Vocals & Maracas, Dene Foye - Vocals & Guitar, William Boatman - CelloMelissa L. TatumBerdene C. Foye
Someone Underestimated Their CloneTrent Urness , Amanda KellyTrent Urness , Amanda KellyTrent Urness , Amanda Kelly
Song of the Mule
(Mutant Song)
Kate GladstoneAndrew Haber (husband of Kate Gladstone)Traditional: "Auld Lang Syne"
Space MarinesTrent Urness and Amanda KellyTrent UrnessTrent Urness and Amanda Kelly
Spiders of IllusionKaty Droege (lead voc, guit), Ju Honisch (harmony voc)Juliane HonischKaty Droege
Spiral Dance
(The Song that Weaves the Generations Through)
Kathy Mar, Kristoph Klover & Kathleen SloanAnne PratherAnne Prather
Spiral Dance
(The Song That Weaves the Generations Through)
Dr. Anne PratherDr. Anne PratherDr. Anne Prather
Star and TreeDene FoyeMelissa L. TatumBerdene C. Foye
Starbucks of County DownBarry and Sally Childs-HeltonGreg Trafidlo, Neal Phillips, John SeayTraditional
StardustDave WeingartDave WeingartDave Weingart
Steampunk Anti-Grav Penguin WarriorErrol ElumirErrol ElumirErrol Elumir
Steep RoadKaty Droege (lead voc, guit), Ju Honisch (tin whistle)Juliane HonischKaty Droege
Still Beautiful
(To Fynn)
Still catch the tideThe Split Level BandTalis KimberleyTalis Kimberley
Stranger in a Strange LandMichael WoodheadMichael WoodheadMichael Woodhead
Sue the DinosaurGary McGathGary McGathGary McGath
Supercats!Divine Strumpet:, Mich Sampson, Rachel Shurmer, Talis Kimberley, Marilisa ValtazanouTalis KimberleyTalis Kimberley
Surprise!Gunnar Madsen, Karl Franzen, Shira Kammen, et al.Leslie FishLeslie Fish
SwingMark MandelMark MandelCat Faber "Wings"
Sycamore TreeSeanan McGuire, Michelle Dockrey, Tony FabrisSeanan McGuireSeanan McGuire
SyllogismobileTim Walters: recorder, dulcimer, bass guitar, voicTim WaltersTim Walters

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