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Anakin Skywalker
(Padme's Song)
Sundara - Vocals,, Dene Foye - Vocals & Guitar,, William Boatman - Cello.Dene FoyeTraditional (Anachie Gordon)
Creationist's Chanty
(Pi Must Equal Three)
Kate GladstoneKate GladstoneTraditional tune, "Rolling Down to Old Maui"
Fiddler Girl
(Play for the Ghost)
Kate GladstoneKate GladstoneKate Gladstone
Peanut Butter and Strawberry Jam (and Worms)Allison Durno, Jodi Krangle, Debbie Ridpath OhiDebbie Ridpath OhiDebbie Ridpath Ohi
PegasusAmanda Kelly, Amanda KellyTrent Urness, Amanda KellyTrent Urness, Trent Urness
PharmakoiaW. Randy HoffmanW. Randy HoffmanW. Randy Hoffman
PhotosynthesisPhil MillsPhil MillsPhil Mills
Planet of My BirthSundara - vocals, Dene Foye - Guitar, backup vocals, William Boatman - CelloTeresa MeckleyTeresa Meckley
Playing the Blame Game
(Blame Game)
Kate GladstoneKate GladstoneLeslie Fish (used w/permission) "Dane-Geld"
Pokemon HeroAriel CiniiAriel CiniiAriel Cinii
Potential VampireTrent Urness, Trent UrnessAmanda Kelly, Trent UrnessTrent Urness, Trent Urness
Powders And Signs
(The Witch Girl)
Phil MillsPhil MillsPhil Mills
PrismSundara - Vocals, Dene Foye - Vocals & Guitar, William Boatman - CelloMelissa L. TatumBerdene C. Foye
Publish and be DamnedPhilip AllcockPhilip AllcockChris Bell
PunFinished SymFunnyMark BernsteinMark BernsteinMark Bernstein

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