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A Thousand Ships
(OVFF 2007 version)
Erica NeelyJuliane HonischKaty Droege
Ode to a Half-BreedDene FoyeKristen DukeDene Foye
Odyssey's EndGary McGathGary McGathGary McGath
Of Two UnicornsRhonwen y Llysieuyddes (Julia West)Julia Howarth WestJulia Howarth West
Oh, Chewbacca
(Oh, Chewbacca)
Brandon ShortThe Kobiyashi Maru BandBrandon Short
Old Fighting-MenKate GladstoneRudyard KiplingKate Gladstone
One A. M.Ryktan Dannurwen aka Lilla BertalanRyktan Dannurwen aka Lilla BertalanRyktan Dannurwen aka Lilla Bertalan
One By OneLisande (Vocals), Aryana (Piano)LisandeLastalda, Aryana
Only The BagpipesDene FoyeDene FoyeHeather Alexander
Only the IdiotsPhilip Allcock, Mike Whitaker, Members of Contabile, Con2bile and Follycon commitPhilip AllcockMike Whitaker, Joanna Page
Opus 50Dene FoyeMelissa L. TatumBerdene C. Foye
Ordinary LifePhil MillsPhil MillsPhil Mills
Other Side Of The RiverPhil MillsPhil MillsPhil Mills
Our Con on the Way to the ConKarl-Johan NorénKarl-Johan NorénSven Scholander
Our Vampire SongSundara - Vocals & Cabasa, Dene Foye - Vocals &Guitar, William Boatman - CelloMelissa L. TatumBerdene C. Foye
Outbound FreighterRichard Glover; vocals, guitar, Stephanie Weippert; vocals, John R. Gray III; bass, Nick Hagen; drums, Alisa Gray; additional vocalsRichard GloverRichard Glover
OzymandiasDave Weingart, guitar, vocals, whistleDave WeingartDave Weingart
OzymandiasEloise Mason, Jason Neerenberg, Debbie GatesDave WeingartDave Weingart

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