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Darkness DancingValerie Housden, Philip Allcock, Mike Whitaker, Anne RundleJennifer McGowanPhilip Allcock
Deborah Marion Kazumi Yow-Hoo You-Betcha-Baby Ridpath OhiPaul KwinnPaul Kwinntune inspired by "The Banana Slug Song" (unknown)
Deceiver/The Wild HuntDave Weingart and Orion's BeltDave Weingart , Miki DennisDave Weingart
Destination: LunaMichael WoodheadMichael WoodheadMichael Woodhead
Did I do right?Teri WachowiakTeri WachowiakTeri Wachowiak
DIE SHELDON DIELarry KirbyLarry KirbyLarry Kirby
DilemmaMary Jean HolmesMary Jean HolmesMary Jean Holmes
DiskPhilip Allcock, Mike WhitakerPhilip AllcockMike Whitaker, Caroline Bollen
Divine IrregularityTom SmithTom SmithTom Smith, Trad
Don't Call It MagicJane Garthson, Sue Jeffers, Tom Jeffers, Phil MillsPhil MillsPhil Mills
Don't Ever LoveRhonwen y Llysieuyddes (Julia West)Rhonwen y Llysieuyddes (Julia West)Rhonwen y Llysieuyddes (Julia West)
Don't Love The HeroPhil MillsPhil MillsPhil Mills
Don't Pick On The LibrarianMark MandelMark MandelFrank Hayes
Down To The Hole - (A Song for Evil Star Trek Promoters Who Steal Our Money) Brandon ShortBrandon ShortBrandon Short
Downtown SkylineAndy GK (piano, vocals), Dan Parkes (keys), Nic Randall (drums), Janet Bolton (guitar), Martin GK (bass, backing vocals)Martin and Andrea Gordon-KerrMartin Gordon-Kerr
Dragon TimeJuliana McCorison, lead vocal, finger style guitar, Jude Pelley, rhythm guitar and glock, Rozalind MacPhail, flute, Douglas McCorison, accoustic bass and harp, Adam Iredale-Gray, fiddleJuliana McCorison, Pat Andrew-KeithJuliana McCorison
DragonCon ReportRoberta RogowRoberta RogowCharles Ives
Dreams In Monitor LightDannurwenDannurwenDannurwen
Droozlin' Through the CosmosAriel CiniiAriel CiniiAriel Cinii
Drowning in RosesSimon FairbournTalis KimberleyTalis Kimberley
The Swamp's Air-Breathing Daughter
Kate GladstoneKate GladstoneLeslie Fish (used w/permission) "The Earth's Fir
Unanswered Questions
(Does Anal-Retentive Have A Hyphen Or Not?)
Joe BethancourtW.J. Bethancourt IIITraditional: Sweet Betsey From Pike

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