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Banned from Bio
(Charles Darwin's not in Bio Anymore)
Kate GladstoneKate Gladstone and Andrew HaberLeslie Fish (used w/permission) "Banned from Arg
CantilenaCatherine FaberCatherine FaberCatherine Faber
Captain Bucher's "Confession"
(The PUEBLO "Paean")
Kate GladstoneKate Gladstonetrad.USA"On Top of Old Smoky/Sweet Betsy from Pike
CarelessJohn Caspell, Peggy Lunderville, Tom Lunderville, Brooke LundervilleNancy Louise FreemanNancy Louise Freeman
Careless Steps
(Song of Murphy's Law)
Kate GladstoneKate Gladstone, Andrew HaberLeslie Fish (used w/permission) "Toast for Unkno
CathedralsKathy MarKathy MarKathy Mar
Celtic Circle Dance
(( The Bringers' Version ))
Joe Bethancourt, Nichelle Scott, Michi Furier, Vash, Catherine Rustenbeck, BrianW.J. Bethancourt IIIW.J. Bethancourt III
Centuries LaterThe Split Level BandAndrea Gordon-KerrAndrea Gordon-Kerr
ChessBill Roper, Erica NeelyJuanita CoulsonJuanita Coulson
Child of LightPhilip Allcock, Mike WhitakerPhilip AllcockPhilip Allcock
Children of the FutureRyktan Dannurwen aka Lilla BertalanRyktan Dannurwen aka Lilla BertalanRyktan Dannurwen aka Lilla Bertalan
Chocolate And WomenDannurwenDannurwenDannurwen
Clear Blue SkyDave Weingart: guitar, vocals, Brenda Sutton: bodhranDave WeingartDave Weingart
Close Your EyesDandelion Wine (Tom Jeffers/Dave Clement) , with special permission from Daniel GlasserDaniel GlasserDaniel Glasser
Close Your Eyes
(The Demon Lullaby)
Daniel GlasserDaniel GlasserDaniel Glasser
Come In, Come InJustin EilerJustin EilerTTTO: "Marching Through Georgia," Trad.
Computer User's AnthemKate GladstoneKate GladstoneJohn Stafford Smith & Ralph Tomlinson
ConliftGary McGathGary McGathAndy Eigel
Cotton tail girlsDivine Strumpet:, Talis Kimberley, Mich Sampson, Rachel Shurmer, Marilisa ValtazanouTalis KimberleyTraditional
Country SongSeanan McGuire (vocals), Dave Weingart (guitar)Seanan McGuireSeanan McGuire
Creationist's Chanty
(Pi Must Equal Three)
Kate GladstoneKate GladstoneTraditional tune, "Rolling Down to Old Maui"
Crispy DanishAndrew RossAndrew RossTom Smith
Cylon Hymn
(Scar's Hymn)
Ariel Cinii, Marc S. Glasser, Kathy Sands et alAriel CiniiAriel Cinii
We Three Laws of Orbiting Are
(Carol for Isaac Newton's Birthday (December 25))
Kate GladstoneJames Hogan, v.1 (w/permission), Kate GladstoneTraditional: "We Three Kings of Orient Are"

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