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A Ballad of the Interfilk MusiciansKarl-Johan NorénKarl-Johan NorénPer-Martin Hamberg
A BargainTeri WachowiakTeri WachowiakTeri Wachowiak
A Code of MoralsKate GladstoneRudyard KiplingKate Gladstone
A Conversation In A CorridorRoberta Rogow, Marc GrossmanRoberta Rogown/a Spoken Word
A Counting-Out Song
(Secret Origins of Eenie, Meenie, Mainee, and Mo (KG's title for this))
Kate GladstoneRudyard KiplingKate Gladstone
A Midsummer TaleTeri WachowiakTeri WachowiakTeri Wachowiak
A Mind Such As MineChris MalmeChris MalmeChris Malme
A New TrinityKate GladstoneKate GladstoneLeslie Fish (used with permission) — "Trinity"
A Simple Country DoctorEloise Mason, Art Warneke, Debbie GatesMatt LegerMatt Leger
A Teaching Ballad
(The Ballad of Threadfall)
Juliana McCorison, lead vocal, Jude Pelley, harmony vocal, guitars, Douglas McCorison, accoustic bass, Adam Iredale-Gray, fiddle, Molly Raher-Newman, percussion, Jake Galbraith, UkeJuliana McCorison Juliana McCorison Arrangement of Trad Tune
A Thousand ShipsKaty Droege (lead voc, guit), Ju Honisch (guit)Juliane HonischKaty Droege
A Thousand Ships
(OVFF 2007 version)
Erica NeelyJuliane HonischKaty Droege
A Thousand Years AgoPhil MillsPhil MillsPhil Mills
Absent FriendsPhilip Allcock, Anne RundlePhilip AllcockPhilip Allcock
Accommodations of DesireMichael WoodheadMichael WoodheadMichael Woodhead
Acres and AcresCatherine FaberCatherine FaberCatherine Faber
Across the RoomKaty Droege (lead voc, guit), Ju Honisch (low whistle, harmony voc)Juliane HonischKaty Droege
Adult SituationsPhil MillsPhil MillsPhil Mills
Al-Qaeda Living
(Martha Stewart-Osama bin Laden Singalong)
Sherman DornSherman DornSherman Dorn
All Is WellRoberta RogowRoberta RogowTune is Traditional
Alpha CentauriMichael WoodheadMichael WoodheadMichael Woodhead
Alternate World Temperance UnionGary McGathGary McGathGary McGath
Amairgin's CharmDivine Strumpet:, Talis Kimberley, Mich Sampson, Rachel Shurmer, Marilisa ValtazanouTrad (translated by Robert Graves)Talis Kimberley
AmallaMichael WoodheadMichael WoodheadMichael Woodhead
AmberDene FoyeWilliam A. ShielBerdene C. Foye
Amber/The Other Side of the CoinDene Foye - Guitar and Vocals, Sundara - VocalsBerdene C. FoyeBerdene C. Foye
Anakin Skywalker
(Padme's Song)
Sundara - Vocals,, Dene Foye - Vocals & Guitar,, William Boatman - Cello.Dene FoyeTraditional (Anachie Gordon)
Anne & MaryDene FoyeMelissa TatumBerdene C. Foye
Another GalaxyMichael WoodheadMichael WoodheadMichael Woodhead
Another WorldMichael WoodheadMichael WoodheadMichael Woodhead
Aragnaresis The Scorpion Hunter (Giant Scorpions)Trent Urness and Amanda KellyTrent Urness and Amanda KellyTrent Urness and Amanda Kelly
Archetype Cafe - The Men's SideSimon Fairbourn - Voice , Talis Kimberley - GuitarZander Nyrond (after Talis Kimberley)Talis Kimberley
Arwen's GiftTeri WachowiakTeri WachowiakTeri Wachowiak
Arwen's Love
(Arwen the Mortal-Loving Elf)
Kate GladstoneKate GladstoneTraditional - "John Henry the Steel-Driving Man"
As Close As Night To DayChris MalmeChris MalmeChris Malme
AT-ATs In The SnowErrol Elumir (vocals), Mike Skliar (guitar)Errol ElumirMike Skliar
Full Fathom Five
(An EBay Buy)
Kate GladstoneKate GladstoneThe King's Men (MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM, 1611)
I'm My Own Mother/Father/Etc.
(All You Zombies)
Kate GladstoneKate GladstoneTraditional: "I'm My Own Grandpa"
Ilúvatar's Song [When a Vala's not Engaged in his Employment]
(A Deity's Life is not a Happy One)
Kate GladstoneKate GladstoneGilbert & Sullivan: "A Policeman's Lot is not a Ha
When Access Is By Name
(A Programming Song)
Kate GladstoneKate Gladstonetrad., Scottish: "Ye Jacobites by Name"
With Drake in the Tropics
(A.D. 1580)
Kate GladstoneRudyard KiplingTraditional — "Captain Wedderburn's Courtship"

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