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Welcome to the FilkArchive
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Before you are allowed to register, please take note of the conditions under which this site is run. Registration on this site implies acceptance of these.

1. This is a site designed for sharing songs and listening to new music. It is run on an amateur and not a professional basis. No-one makes any money out of this site, and there are no intentions of allowing advertising etc. Should it not be possible to run the site on this basis, then it will simply be closed.

2. This is not a Filk Napster. Upload permission will only be given to those users who request it and give a reason why they wish to upload files. Anyone uploading files must get the permission of any parties involved (performers, lyricists, composers, etc) before uploading. Should a query be made about whether a file is allowed to be published like this, the file will be removed while the query progresses, and only returned to the archive should all doubts be resolved.

3. Disclaimer time. This site can take no responsibility for the content or ownership of any songs on the site. Should we judge a complaint serious enough to uphold, then we may withdraw any song at any time.

4. There is an option of posting comments about each song. Keep them clean and constructive, folks, please! Again, we reserve the right to pull any comment at any time - please don't make us have to.

5. There is a strong tradition in both filk and folk of bawdy songs (songs with sexual references, for want of a better definition). The judgement of how explicit a song is is subjective, and will vary from country to country and culture to culture. However, we do have teenagers and, for all I know, younger members looking at the site, and I want them to be able to do so.

The rule of thumb is the same as for another web site I use regularly (User Friendly). They use the "14-year old sister" rule to judge the suitability of their link of the day.

So if you'd play your song to your 14-year-old sister/daughter/niece, put it up. If you wouldn't, then don't. I will generally leave people to judge their own songs, although I'll reserve the right to pull a song if I think it grossly disobeys the rule.

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