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Although you may search the site for song details freely, we ask people to login to FilkArchive before they can download or upload music. The reason for this is simple - those who post music on this site have a right to know who has been downloading their songs. It also allows the authentication of postings on the song message boards.

There is no charge for a login, and no details are ever passed on to any third party, with one exception - the fact that you are downloading a song may be notified to the owner of that song. However, all they will have access to is your nickname and when you downloaded it - no personal details are ever given out.

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This is designed to explain how the system will remember your login if you check this box, and to explain how FilkArchive uses cookies.

Cookies are data stored by one web page and read by another. FilkArchive uses them to store login information, so that, for example, the download page knows that you actually have logged in. There are two sorts of cookies. The first are session cookies, which never get written to disk, but are just held in memory. This means that they only last until you close your browser, and are then destroyed without trace. The second sort are permanent cookies, which are held on disk and can therefore be used whenever you next visit the site.

The security problems come with the fact that permanent cookies can potentially be read by malicious web pages, or by other users on your computer. Systems foolish enough to store password information in cookies therefore potentially allow your passwords to be read by other people. In FilkArchive, your password is never stored in a cookie. It is, however, a requirement that session cookies produced by this site are allowed; if your browser blocks these, the site will never manage to log you in, and you will keep getting directed to the login page.

In addition, some people may find it useful to store their FilkArchive credentials between visits. By ticking the "Remember Me" box, your FilkArchive identity is stored as a unique cookie and you wil be recognised next time you visit the site. If would prefer not to do this, then clear the box and your token will merely be stored as a session cookie and forgotten as soon as you close your browser window.

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