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Längtan till fandom(Fandom är mycket större än oss själva)
Karl-Johan Norén
uploaded on Monday 31 October 5:49 PM

Jack Frost
Eloise Mason
uploaded on Thursday 2 June 11:13 AM

Glass Half Full of the Sea
Eloise Mason on vocals and guitar; Debbie Gates on
uploaded on Thursday 2 June 11:11 AM

A Ballad of the Interfilk Musicians
Karl-Johan Norén
uploaded on Saturday 16 April 5:59 PM

The Ardrana Song(I Went to a Magical Planet)
Tyler Zahnke
uploaded on Wednesday 22 July 8:26 AM

Our Con on the Way to the Con
Karl-Johan Norén
uploaded on Wednesday 1 July 9:33 PM

The True Fan Girl
Karl-Johan Norén
uploaded on Saturday 13 June 5:47 PM

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Recent comments

kanef on The Kid and the Dog are with Me at Mon 14 Sep 5:33 PM:
"I heard this song at OVFF in 2010, and it was one of the inspirations for something I wrote starting the next morning, "Save Yourselves!">, my parody of "Wicked Girls" about horror movie cliches. Earlier I'd seen a great performance on the OVFF stage of Debbie Ohi's own parody, "Wicked Squirrels", which used horror movie cliches, so hearing a second song about movie cliches in another genre seems to be what made it click. The next month, "Save Yourselves!" was sprung (with video rolling on Seanan -- just three weeks after hearing "The Kid and the Dog" for the first time (and "Wicked Squirrels" for the second time, but acted out on stage), so I'm really glad I heard this when I did. (I'm leaving this comment ten years later in September 2020, and I really hope anyone reading this in 2030 understands this recounting of hearing songs in person at conventions we all traveled to as the way things are done in a normal year, and not as a quaint description of a bygone era!) "

bryan314 on Sedna at Sun 28 Oct 11:15 PM:
"Beautiful! I love the story and the way it was told. Keep writing, keep singing. This one is going to live on my iphone and my exercise mp3 player."

hms42 on Chess at Fri 27 Jul 3:39 AM:
"Minor correction tonight. I updated the date on the song to 1959. (Juanita provided me the correct info.)"

dodekabill on Chess at Wed 25 Jul 5:01 AM:
"FYI, Erica and I were Juanita's emergency replacement in the concert, as Juanita had lost her voice from a cold, so we were still learning the song on Friday. :)"

Rodayan on Don't Call It Magic at Wed 4 Jul 3:15 AM:
"Is "Burning Ages" available on FilkArchive? I love the other two!"

Recent news

FilkArchive is back up
Update by Penfold2020-01-21 13:43:49

After some security work on the code, FilkArchive is now back up and running. Please note that your account password has expired, and you will need to reset it via the reset password link on the home page. If you find any problems please contact us.

Recent hacking
Update by gallamor2016-11-27 19:40:05

Hello everyone, We are aware that at least some users of this site have had their user credentials hacked. Please let us know if you see any unusual activity on your account! Kind regards, Filk Archive Admin

Broken Upload - Fixed
Update by hms422015-06-12 14:36:13

The broken update issue has been fixed. Sorry for the delay.

Uploading broken - Its being fixed
Update by hms422015-05-02 05:18:16

I was informed recently about the uploads not working on the site and I am working on getting it fixed. I will put a note up when its fixed. Harold

Filkarchive moved
Update by gk2014-11-03 20:00:36

Thanks to Mike Whitaker who is now hosting the filkarchive at his Altrion server. The move has been completed, although it may be some time before the radio can become active again. However, that was one of the least used features of the site, and so should not affect many people.


Top ten downloads for April 2021

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Dave Weingart, guitar, vocals, whistle
In total, downloaded 190 times so far

Lullaby for a Zombie Child
Kate Gladstone
In total, downloaded 55 times so far

Tribble Gumbo
Larry Warner
In total, downloaded 41 times so far

The Sea-Man
Rhonwen y Llysieuyddes (Julia West)
In total, downloaded 68 times so far

Only The Bagpipes
Dene Foye
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Mordred's Lullaby
Heather Dale, Ben Deschamps
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Gunnar Madsen, Karl Franzen, Shira Kammen, et al.
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Justin Eiler
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Babylon Station
Greg McMullan
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Sing With Me
Allison Durno, Jodi Krangle, Debbie Ridpath Ohi
In total, downloaded 49 times so far

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